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Johan Arends

Epileptic seizures are usually recognized in retrospect, which leads to a distorted image of reality. We need to move towards reliable seizure prediction instead.

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Electrical Engineering
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Research Profile

Johan Arends is Part-time Professor in the Signal Processing Systems group, where he focuses on seizure prediction in epilepsy patients. This is a complex, multidisciplinary topic, requiring monitoring of physical functions, such as heart rate or muscle tone, optimizing the data acquired, developing signal analysis methods and models that can detect when a seizure may be imminent, and determining the most effective way to send out an alarm or intervene.   In his research, Arends collaborates with other research lines within the Signal Processing Systems group, other departments with Eindhoven University of Technology, and with Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy Centre.  His research themes are automatic detection of epileptic seizures with unobtrusive sensors, the relationship between epilepsy syndromes, EEG and cognitive development and clinical decision-making and epilepsy surgery.

Academic Background

Johan Arends studied Medicine at Nijmegen University and wrote his PhD thesis on analysis of partial motor epilepsy in rats. After graduating as neurologist from Nijmegen University in 1986, Arends became sleep researcher at Janssen Pharmaceutica. In addition, he worked part-time at Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy Center, where he started a sleep disorder clinic in 1988. As of 1995, Arends worked at Kempenhaeghe full-time, as head of Clinical Neurophysiology and as senior researcher. For his focus on automatic detection of epileptic seizures, Arends has always collaborated with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). An official collaboration between Kempenhaeghe and TU/e in 2010 led to Arends' appointment as part-time professor in 2011.

Ancillary Activities

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