University Researcher

Johan Lub


Well experienced (organic) chemist working more than 38 years in research and education in academic and industrial environment on various topics.  Capable and experienced to work as a chemist in multidisciplinary teams; knowledgeable of applications in the area of healthcare, lighting and electronic devices. Internationally recognized researcher in the field of liquid crystal technology. 

Organic synthesis is a science but often an art.


Johan Lub did his master degree in organic chemistry and biochemistry in 1980 at the University of Amsterdam and earned his PhD about "Reactions of α-chloro-nitrosocompounds with organometallic reagents" in 1985 with Prof. Th.J. de Boer. From 1985 till 2017 he worked at Philips research in several research functions. His major achievement at Philips was the formation of a library of liquid crystalline materials by means of organic synthesis. From 2010 these materials also had a major impact on the research of the SFD group at the Eindhoven University of Technology headed by Prof. D. Broer and Prof. A. Schenning. He joined the SFD group in 2011 as an Industrial Fellow and after his leave from Philips in 2017 as Researcher, with a focus on the chemistry and properties of these liquid crystalline materials and of luminescent molecules.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities