Assistant Professor

Joost Wouters

Department / Institute
Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Joost Wouters is an assistant professor with the Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing research group at the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. The group focuses on understanding and improving new business and product development processes within firms, organizations, and institutions in a high-tech context.


Joost Wouters studied Mechanical Engineering at Fontys University of Applied Engineering (Eindhoven) and Economic Psychology at Tilburg University, where he obtained his MSc in 1987. The next five years he spent working in business-to-business marketing research, first with Indumar and later with Centrum voor Marketing Analyses. In 1992 he joined Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) as a lecturer in marketing. In 2000, he obtained his PhD at TU/e with his thesis on 'Customer service as a competitive marketing instrument : an industrial supply chain perspective'. He currently is assistant professor with the Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing research group at the TU/e department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences.