Lech Milroy

Even a little chemical knowledge can have a dramatic and beneficial impact on society

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Chemical Biology
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Biomedical Engineering
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Research Profile

Lech Milroy is an Assistant Professor at the research group Chemical Biology of Eindhoven University of Technology (department of Biomedical Engineering). His research interests lie in drug discovery and the chemical synthesis of small molecule modulators of protein-protein interactions. Trained as a synthetic organic chemist he now is an experienced researcher in the field of chemical biology as well as lecturer and coordinator of theoretical and practical BSc and MSc courses on synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry and analytical chemistry. Since the start of his PhD he has contributed to the publication of more than 42 peer-reviewed research publications, of which three as co-starred author, and the filing of one patent.

Academic Background

Lech Milroy studied chemistry (MChem) with industrial experience at the University of Edinburgh and graduated with honours in 2004. He then joined the group of prof. dr. Steven Ley at the University of Cambridge where he received his PhD degree in 2008 on the synthesis of natural product fragments. In 2008 he began work in the group of Prof. Herbert Waldmann at the Max-Planck-Institute of  Molecular Physiology in Dortmund on the synthesis of chemical probes targeting cytoskeletal proteins. In 2010 he started as a postdoc researcher in the Chemical Biology group at the Biomedical Engineering department in Eindhoven, where he was promoted to assistant professor in 2012.

Ancillary Activities

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