Education/Research Officer

Liesbeth Varion-Verhagen


Liesbeth Varion is a research technician in the group ImmunoEngineering under the supervision of Dr. Jurjen Tel. Within the group she has a supporting role regarding the technical and experimental support as well as playing a part in the group/laboratory organisation.

Besides the general laboratory skills, over the years she gained a lot of experience in the field of Flow Cytometry. To share the knowledge of this technique to colegues is one of the things she likes most in her job.

There are no silly questions, just insufficient answers


After her study "Biologie en medisch laboratoriumonderzoek" in 2002 she started her career at the department of Experimentele Inwendige Geneeskunde at the AMC in Amsterdam where she supported the research to the identification of the transcription factors of protein C. In 2003 she switched her work to the UMC in Utrecht where she worked for 13 years as a research technician in two different groups. First 10 years in the group of Paul Coffer where she worked at different projects regarding the characterisation of the PKB and FOXO3 signalling pathway and differentiation of Mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells. From 2014 she worked as a research technician at the Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry and Hematology at an international project with the focus on rare diseases of the red blood cell. After 15 years she decided in 2017 to switch the medical centre for a job at the companie Aduro Biotech Europe where she analized an antibody for immunotherapy. In december 2018 she switched back to the academy and started her job at ImmunoEngineering.

During the years she gained a lot of experience in Flow cytometry, (stem)cell culture, cell differentiations, ELISA, retro- and lenti-viral work, protein analysis with westernblotting and PCR.

Ancillary Activities

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