Doctoral Candidate

Lisanne Bergefurt

Department / Institute
Built Environment


Lisanne Bergefurt is a PhD candidate at the Real Estate Management and Development unit at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). While the focus of her research was on public space during her master thesis, the focus of Lisanne's PhD is on the work environment. In all research of Lisanne, the health and behavior of people in the built environment plays a key role. 

In my research, I focus on the influence of the physical workplace on mental health, using a salutogenic orientation. With this orientation, I aim to study strategies to solve health issues and promote positive health outcomes.


Lisanne Bergefurt obtained her Master's degree in November 2019 at Eindhoven University of Technology. During her Masters, she focussed on the influence of the public space on health aspects, such as loneliness and feelings of belonging. In January 2020, she started her PhD research, focussing on the relationship between the physical workplace and mental health, both at home and at the office. In this study, she aims to gain holistic insights in how the physical workplace influences not only mental illness but also mental well-being. Salutogenesis plays a leading role in Lisanne's PhD research. 

Ancillary Activities

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