Llewellyn (Lew) van Zyl is an Assistant Professor in work and organisational psychology with the Department of Human Performance Management at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His research aims to enable people to feel good, function well, and perform better at work. It is concerned with understanding the factors that enhance mental health and performance and how they can be developed through online enabling interventions (OEIs). At its core, his research aims to understand if, how and why online enabling interventions could optimize human processes. In practical terms, his work employs a strengths-based approach to diagnose, optimize, and develop individuals' mental health and performance through online platforms. Building on the empirical and theoretical foundations generated within the Human Performance Management (HPM) group, his work aims to (a) assess and model the psychological mechanisms underpinning employees’ mental health, wellbeing and performance (assessment: c.f. Van Zyl, Olckers & Roll, 2020; Van Zyl, van Oort, Olckers & Rispens, 2019), (b) how these states can be developed in a scientifically sound, sustainable and cost-effective manner through digital channels (OEI content: c.f. Stander & Van Zyl, 2019; Van Zyl, et al., 2020) and (c) aims to understand the elements underpinning effective OEI design (online intervention methodology: c.f. Kelders, Van Zyl & Ludden, 2020).  


Llewellyn van Zyl holds a PhD in Industrial Psychology, an M.Com in Industrial Psychology (cum laude), a (Hons) in Industrial Psychology (cum laude), and a in Behavioural Sciences (cum laude), all obtained at North-West University, South Africa. He also holds an extraordinary professorship in Industrial Psychology with the North-West University, where he forms part of the "Positive Institutions" Sub-Programme of the Optentia Research Focus Area.

Llewellyn is a published author of various scientific articles and specialist books. He is the current Speciality Chief Editor (Ass) of Frontiers in Psychology (Positive Psychology) and serves on the editorial boards of various high impact journals. Llewellyn has extensive experience within the tertiary educational environment (as a lecturer and researcher), as well as within the private and public sectors (as a consultant). As of 1 January 2017, Llewellyn holds the ranking as a C2 rated researcher with the National Research Foundation within South Africa.

  • Introduction Industrial Engineering
  • Research Methods
  • Organisational Behaviour for Industrial Engineering
  • Leadership and self-management in organizations

Ancillary Activities

  • Extraordinary Professor, North-West University, South Africa