Llewellyn van Zyl (Ph.D) is an internationally recognised positive psychologist and thought leader in the strengths-based talent assessment, development and optimisation space. He holds an extraordinary professorship in positive psychology with the Optentia Research Unit at the North-West University and is currently attached to the Eindhoven University of Technology. He also serves as the Co-Speciality Chief Editor of Frontiers in Psychology (Positive Psychology).  Over the last 15 years, he has pioneered new frontiers in data-driven, technology infused talent assessment methodologies and development strategies as both a distinguished behavioral scientist and accomplished management consultant for major global organisations. As an applied positive psychological scientist, Llewellyn's groundbreaking research has led to the development of cutting-edge talent assessment tools, evidence-based coaching models, and strengths-based interventions that unlocks human performance. He is one of the foremost experts on leveraging advanced data-analytics to map, understand, elevate and develop individuals’ strengths as a means to help individuals flourish and organisations to thrive.  In parallel, Llewellyn founded and led a successful multinational management consulting firm specializing in data-driven talent assessments and optimization. He has partnered with major global organisations to map employee capabilities, develop strengths-based assessments tools and techniques, and designed targeted data-driven talent development programs with proven ROI.  Llewellyn's rare fusion of academic vision and business acumen has bridged the gap between talent research and -practice. He is passionate about driving transformational change by translating cutting-edge behavioral science into targeted, practical talent assessment and development strategies that is proven to empower individuals to perform and organizations to thrive.


Llewellyn van Zyl holds a PhD in Industrial Psychology, an M.Com in Industrial Psychology (cum laude), a (Hons) in Industrial Psychology (cum laude), and a in Behavioural Sciences (cum laude), all obtained at North-West University, South Africa.

Current Educational Activities

Ancillary Activities

  • Extraordinary Professor, North-West University, South Africa