Full Professor

Maarten Hornikx

Department / Institute
Built Environment
EAISI Foundational


Maarten Hornikx is a Full Professor Building Acoustics, Vice-Dean of the Department of the Built Environment, and he leads the Building Acoustics Chair of Unit Building Physics and Services (BPS). Hornikx’ research area is computational modeling sound propagation in the built environment. He has two target applications.

1) Development of sound reproduction in mixed reality platforms with applications in the built environments.

2) Application of numerical models to investigate all kinds of propagation effects as the role of vegetation on sound propagation outdoors and indoors and the influence of meteorological effects on sound propagation.

Hornikx is a fan of open research software and takes an active role in promoting this to leverage impact from research.


Maarten Hornikx obtained his MSc in Architecture, Building and Planning with a graduation project in Building Acoustics (2004) and his PhD in Applied Acoustics from Chalmers University of Technology (2009). Hornikx received a Marie Curie IF grant to conduct postdoctoral research at KU Leuven (2009-2011), worked as a part-time senior researcher at Chalmers (2011-2013) and returned to Eindhoven University of Technology in 2012 as an assistant professor and was promoted to full professor in 2019. Hornikx received another individual grant (Marie Curie Career Integration Grant) in 2012. At TU/e, he leads the Building Acoustics research group and coordinates the coherent course series Science of Sound and Music (since 2013). He has been the coordinator of the H2020-ITN project Acoutect. Since 2019, Hornikx has been vice-dean of the Department of the Built Environment and serves as the scientific director of the 4TU.Built Environment Center (2020-2021). Internationally, he has served as the chair of the Computational Acoustics Technical Committee of the European Acoustics Association and is Associate Editor of the association’s journal, Acta Acustica. In 2022, Hornikx became one of the first eScience center fellows. Hornikx has spend a research sabbatical at Aalto University and Stockholm University (2018), and at Politecnico Torino (2022).