Machi Takeuchi

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


Machi Takeuchi is a doctoral candidate (PhD) in the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry (SPC) under the supervision of Dr. Heiner Friedrich and Prof. Dr. Remco Tuinier. Her current research focusses on lipid oxidation in food emulsions. The process of lipid oxidation limits shelf life of food, causing development of off-flavors and a decreasing nutrient value, which affect the health of consumers. Preventing lipid oxidation is an important challenge for companies as customers are demanding for more natural and sustainable approaches to extend shelf life. This requires optimization of the chilled supply chains, sophisticated packing technology, and the use of anti-oxidants. Multiple decomposition pathways that exist in lipid oxidation are investigated. However, the physical location and transport mechanisms of reactants in the emulsion system are poorly understood. The project aims to understand how and where lipid oxidation occurs using cryogenic correlative light electron microscopy (CryoCLEM), which combines fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy.

Lipid oxidation is fundamental problem for our health and shelf-life of foods. By understanding the oxidation mechanism, we would like to find approaches to design oxidation-stable food products through natural strategies.


Machi Takeuchi obtained her BSc in Applied Chemistry in 2016 at the Keio University, Japan. At the same university, she obtained her MSc degree in Material Design Science in 2018. During her graduation project supervised by Dr. Yuya Oaki and Prof. Dr. Hiroaki Imai, she worked on layered organic and inorganic composites. As a first year Master student, she visited the Laboratory of Materials and Interface Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology for 5 months and collaborated with Prof. Dr. Nico Sommerdijk and Dr. Heiner Friedrich. In April 2018, she joined the Laboratory of Materials and Interface Chemistry as a PhD student exploring localization of Lipid Oxidation Sites in food emulsions.

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