University Lecturer

Marcel Musch


Marcel Musch is a lecturer and a researcher at the TU Eindhoven at the chair of Urbanism and Urban Architecture (UUA). He is the program manager of the U/LAB which is part of the chair of UUA. The aim of the U/LAB is to strengthen the link between university and practice, to help cities learning to become better cities by connecting knowledge with urban challenges in practice (

Marcel is also an independent urban design consultant at URBANFIRM in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He graduated as an architect at the Delft University of Technology. He worked as a researcher with Prof. Max Risselada. He has worked as senior consultant at BVR adviseurs and as an urban designer at the Urban Planning Department of the City of Rotterdam and the Municipality of Beverwijk.

His main activities focus on the relation between urban development and Urban Heritage, Water & Climate Change and New Mobility.