Assistant Professor

Marieke Thurlings

Eindhoven School of Education
Group Vermunt


Marieke Thurlings is an Assistant Professor at Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE), Eindhoven University of Technology. Her areas of expertise include teacher professional development, both face-to-face and online, feedback, and systematic literature reviews. Her research covers interaction processes between teachers, and she aims to further develop methodologies in educational research.  <br/>She is the responsible teacher of practice-based research, conducted by the master students of ESoE, and is the chairperson of the Program Committee. 


From 2013-2015 Marieke Thurlings was a postdoctoral researcher at Eindhoven School of Education where she conducted a review study, based on a grant by NWO/PROO grant, on peer teacher professional development, that aims to reveal which factors make this into a success and which effects it has. She also conducted several innovation projects that aimed to enhance TU/e teachers' teaching skills. She received her PhD from LOOK (Wetenschappelijk Centrum Leraren Onderzoek; Scientific Centre for Teacher Research, at the Dutch Open University) in 2012 where she examined feedback processes among teachers in face-to-face and online peer coaching as part of their professional development. She also holds an MSc and BSc in educational studies from Leiden University.  <br/><br/>