Assistant Professor

Mark Vis


Mark Vis is a Veni laureate at the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry. His research focuses on the structure and stability of macromolecular mixtures that form the basis of water-in-water emulsions, which can be used as texturizers in food and for encapsulation. Understanding the structure of interfaces in these mixtures and the effects of charge is of particular interest, to enable novel applications through the rational design of effective stabilizers. He is also interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of the properties of deep eutectic solvents/systems.

My aim is to gain fundamental insights on problems in physical chemistry through combination of theory and experiments.


Mark Vis completed his BSc in chemistry in 2009 at Utrecht University (cum laude). He followed the master program 'Nanomaterials: Chemistry & Physics', conducted an internship at the University of Gothenburg, and graduated at Utrecht University in 2011 (cum laude). In 2012 he commenced his PhD work on the Interfacial Thermodynamics of Coexisting Aqueous Polymer solutions (link) at the Physical and Colloid Chemistry group at Utrecht University, which he finished in 2015 (cum laude). He joined the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry at TU/e as a postdoctoral researcher in 2016 and received a Veni grant in 2017.