Personal particulars: Michel van Eerd was born in Heesch, The Netherlands, in 1978. He received his bachelor (ing.) degree from Hogeschool ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Avans) in 2000. Current position (2010-present day): Docent technical skills for bachelor students. A non-conclusive list of subjects includes: correct use of test and measurement equipment, PSpice simulation, transistor parameter determination, simple transistor circuits, radio transmit and receive circuits, DSP signal processing, spectrum alalysis and PLL. Prior experience: Eindhoven University of Technology (2006-2010): Researcher in small electromechanical systems and (FPGA based) low power electrical converters (<2kW). Besides research also coaching of students attending internships and maintaining the synopsis of a lecture including accompanying powerpoint presentation and demonstration prototypes. AMT Netherlands (2002-2006): Development of ECU (engine control unit) for small gas turbine engines. Development of PC application for monitoring, setting management and performance prediction. Development of portable monitoring terminal. JTAG Technologies (2001): Development of a demo-board to demonstrate JTAG’s complete range of test equipment. Prodrive (2000): Development of a 2kW switching AC/DC converter with PFC using alternative topology

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities