Doctoral Candidate

Mick Carrozza


Mick Carrozza is a Doctoral Candidate in the Polymer Technology group where he is working on the modelling and simulation of the rheology of interfaces. Fluid-fluid interfaces play an important role in the processing and functioning of soft high-interface multicomponent materials with applications in food, consumer (care) products, materials processing, chemical industry etc. His aim is to develop new numerical methods using finite elements for the simulation of two-phase incompressible flows of immiscible fluids separated by a rheologically complex interface. This for the purpose of studying for example the influence of interfacial rheology on the behaviour of a single drop or the collective behaviour of multiple drops in a matrix fluid.

I am honoured to have received the opportunity to build up on the work of others in and contribute a bit myself to this fascinating field of computational rheology


Mick Antonio Carrozza received his MSc in Mechanical Engineering (cum laude) from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in 2018. After an internal internship he graduated in the Polymer Technology group on "Numerical approach to viscoelastic models with and without thermal fuctuations using the contravariant deformation formuliation", which has resulted in two publications in scientific journals. He started his PhD in 2019, also in the Polymer Technology group.

Ancillary Activities

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