Minou Weijs - Perrée

Department / Section
The Built Environment
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Research Profile

Minou Weijs-Perrée (1989) started in October 2014 as a PhD candidate at the Real Estate Management & Development department at Eindhoven University of Technology. The PhD research focusses on knowledge sharing and networking in business centers, under supervision of the supervisors Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Theo Arentze and Sjoerd Romme. 

Academic Background

Minou studied at the department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology and received her Bachelor’s degree in 2012, followed by a Master’s degree Architecture, Building and Planning in 2014. She graduated within the Real Estate Management & Development group with a thesis focusing on the relationships between personal- and neighborhood characteristics, social networks and social satisfaction of elderly. From October 2014 she started a PhD project at Eindhoven University of Technology at Eindhoven, The Netherlands, which focused on knowledge sharing and networking behavior within and between organizations in business centers. Minou presented her research at various international scientific conferences and has been published in leading journals such as Building Research & Information, Property Management, Environment & Behavior, International Journal of Strategic Property Management, Facilities and Journal of Transport Geography. During her PhD she won the EuroFM Best Paper Award EFMC 2017 and Property Management 2017 Highly Commended Award and has acted as a reviewer for journals such as Behaviour & Information Technology, Journal of Corporate Real Estate and Knowledge Management Research & Practice.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities