Mircea Lazar is an Associate Professor in the Control Systems group of the Electrical Engineering Faculty at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His main areas of expertise include measurement and control engineering.

Mircea’s research interests include stability analysis and control of complex interconnected systems, such as power systems, water networks, communication networks, vehicles platoons and biological networks. His research deals with all aspects of constrained control and model predictive control, control of nonlinear and hybrid systems using control Lyapunov functions and set-theoretic methods. He has worked on several application domains, including high-precision mechatronics, automotive control systems, biomedical systems, smart grids and smart buildings temperature and illumination control, power converters and amplifiers. He has been collaborating with several companies, including ASML, DAF, TENNET, Oce, Prodrive, Philips Research, IBS Precision Engineering, Ford Research Lab USA, UTRC USA.

My current research focuses on stability and control of complex interconnected systems motivated by the interconnection of smart engineering systems via the Internet of Things


Mircea received both his Dipl. Ing. degree (2001) and MSc (2002) in Control Engineering from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering at the ‘Gh. Asachi’ Technical University of Iasi. He received the Ph.D. degree in control systems from Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 2006. For this thesis he received the EECI PhD Award for the best thesis in Europe on Control of Complex and Heterogeneous Systems 2006 – 2007.

He has become a tenure-track Assistant Professor in 2008, he was tenured in 2011 and he was appointed as a tenured Associate Professor in 2017 in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Eindhoven University of Technology.  He has received a VENI personal grant for excellence in research from the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) in 2008. He was a visiting professor at the Boston University in 2011, within the Hybrid & Networked Systems LAB. He has been an active researcher in the hybrid and nonlinear systems community and has served as the Chair of the IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Hybrid Systems from 2011 until 2016. He was the main Chair and organizer of the 4th IFAC International Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, Nordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 2012. He is one of the internationally recognized researchers in the area of stability theory,  Lyapunov methods, model predictive control and hybrid systems, delivering 14 invited talks at conferences (IEEE ISTCC 2012, IFAC NMPC 2015) and universities worldwide (ETH Zurich, University of Stuttgart, Boston University, University of Oxford). He has supervised 9 graduated PhD students (out of which 2 received the distinction Cum laude) and 3 PostDocs. He has published more than 50 journal papers.


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