Mojtaba Barzegari Shankil


In January 2023, he joined the Electrochemical Materials and Systems group as a postdoctoral researcher where he will be building mathematical and computational models of electrochemical processes and energy storage systems. Mojtaba aims to pursue projects dealing with computational engineering and high-performance computing applied to electrochemical materials and systems. He will work mainly on computational aspects of FAIR-RFB project, which aims to investigate the fundamental science and engineering of porous electrodes ubiquitous to redox flow batteries (RFBs) in order to enhance the current density and durability of these systems.


Mojtaba received his BSc and MSc in the fields of materials science and biomedical engineering, respectively. Both his BSc and MSc theses were based on the combination of numerical analysis and computational intelligence. Later on, he did his PhD research in computational biomaterials and tissue engineering at KU Leuven, Belgium, in which he worked on high-performance computational modeling of tissue engineering processes with a main focus on the biodegradation of medical devices inside the body and the response of the surrounding tissues to it. Mojtaba is also a big fan of open-source. You can read more about the things he does on his website:


Ancillary Activities

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