Doctoral Candidate

Nadia Boulif


Hydrogen bromine and salinity gradient batteries are attractive large-scale energy storage solutions as they rely on abundant, safe and cheap materials. Nonetheless, the deployment of these batteries on the large scale is limited by the lack of performant membranes. Therefore, the goal of this research is to try to develop novel membranes with high permeselctivity, low resistance and chemical stabiity under the operating conditions. This can be done by using novel materials to make thinner membranes, or rely on supramolecular oragnization within the membranes to form defined ionic pathways and thus have a higher ionic conduction. 


In November 2020, Nadia Boulif started her PhD at the  Membrane Materials and Processes Group, in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry of the TU/e. Nadia received her BSc Chemical Engineering from the University of Groningen and her MSc Chemical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. During her master thesis, she worked on the development of novel anthraquinone-containing polymers as anode active materials for aqueous sodium batteries. During her PhD within the MMP group, she will focus on the development of membranes with enhanced performances for HBr and salt gradient batteries. This work will be part of the RELEASE (Reversible Large Scale Energy Storage) project, which aims at enabling large scale energy storage in the near future.

Ancillary Activities

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