Doctoral Candidate

Nidhi Sinha

One cannot really argue with a mathematical theorem. ~Stephen Hawking

Group / Department
Biomedical Engineering

Research Profile

Nidhi Sinha is a doctoral candidate (PhD) in the Immunoengineering group under the supervision of Dr. Jurjen Tel. Her project: ‘Microfluidics for single-cell analysis of immune cells’ focuses on design and development of microfluidic chips that will be used to probe the signaling behavior in different immune cells at single-cell level. Over the last couple of years, microfluidics has seen tremendous potential in exploiting cellular behavior and further, finds applications in fields of diagnostics, which is also her personal research interest.

Academic Background

Nidhi Sinha was born in Patna, India. In 2008 she started her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Manipal University before transferring her university credits to the USA. She completed her BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, Philadelphia with interests in fluidics and thermodynamics. Her senior year project was titled ‘Design Optimization of Waste Heat Recovery System for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines’. After working for a short-time period as a design engineer, she decided to travel halfway across the globe to Germany to obtain her MSc in Microsystems Engineering. During her studies at the University of Freiburg she developed interests in microfluidics and worked on design of a new microfluidic chip for cell culture experiments (Novel Microfluidic Large-Scale Integration Logic for Cell Culture). She joined the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2017 in the Immunoengineering group to further pursue her interests in microfluidics for biological applications.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities