Özgün Önder

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


High-performance polymers are replacing conventional materials used in aerospace and automotive applications due to their lightness, high heat and oxidative resistance, chemical inertness, high dimensional stability, and flame retardancy. Ozgun aims to develop a new generation of materials by bringing together the intrinsic properties of high-performance polymers and the fascinating features of aerogels. He believes a thorough understanding of the structure-morphology-properties relationship between the chemistry, sol-gel process, and the final aerogel properties is a prerequisite to pave the way towards the next generation of organic aerogels with outstanding properties. Accordingly, his research activities include, but are not limited to, the synthesis of new monomers, the optimization of chemical composition and architecture of polymers, and the production of aerogels with controlled properties such as density, flexibility, toughness, and thermal conductivity.


Ozgun Onder studied Chemistry and Molecular Biology at Bogazici University and trained as a synthetic chemist. He participated in medicinal chemistry projects and did an internship at the Scripps Research Institute on the total synthesis of marine toxins. In 2014, he enrolled in the Materials Science graduate program at Koc University and obtained his PhD in 2018. His graduate studies were focused on the preparation of polyester-based polymeric foams. He participated in industrial projects related to the synthesis and characterization of polyurethanes and gained an understanding of the structure-morphology-properties relationships. Between 2018 and 2022, he worked at the Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry as a research fellow. He developed macroporous polypeptide-based biomaterials, mentored graduate students, and collaborated with industrial partners for EU-funded projects. In April 2022, he joined the Polymer Performance Materials group under Prof. Željko Tomović at TU/e as a postdoctoral fellow.

Ancillary Activities

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