Doctoral Candidate

Patricia Kahr

Department / Institute
Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

Patricia Kahr is a Doctoral Candidate in the Human-Technology interaction group at TUe. In her PhD project, which is part of the "AI planner of the future" research program, she focuses on (long-term) trust in AI. Since trust in AI decision support systems is an essential prerequisite for their actual use, the goal is to gain insights on the influencing factors that shape human trust in AI to eventually be able to improve interactions and decision-making in human-AI collaboration.   Prior to her PhD, Patricia completed her Master`s degree "Human Decision Science" at Maastricht University, where she gained expertise mainly in behavioral economics, planning and decision making, and psychology. Her thesis focused on gender stereotypes in human-AI interactions, combining technology and social psychology. This also allowed Patricia to pursue her passion for ethical issues related to technology.   After her undergraduate studies in Applied Media and Communication studies at University of Technology Ilmenau, Germany, Patricia was working as a senior strategy consultant. In this position she worked with various international companies. Solving business problems by analyzing audiences, brands and their products and services, she not only gained expert knowledge in different branches, she also learned that the best ideas come from combining facts and intuition: using big data and human insights and apply not only analytics but also creative thinking.   Besides her PhD, Patricia holds a honorary position as workshop facilitator for the Google initiative "I am Remarkable", a non-profit initiative that aims to empower women and other underrepresented groups to speak about accomplishments in the workplace and beyond.

Ancillary Activities

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