As Professor of Transformational Design, Paul focuses on the relationship between current design practice and education. His research group is developing expertise in reevaluatiing the usefulness of post-war cities and examining new uses for buildings, based on current and expected economic and social changes. With programmatic adjustments, architectural improvements and good urban planning, a careful and sustainable improvement of the city can take place. Cooperation with the market and the public sector are very important in this respect.

In transforming cities, feasibility is essential and, therefore, so are knowledge of client and user context, program, process and revenue models. This requires a new approach to research and education.


Paul Diederen studied engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) where he graduated in 1986. He joined TU/e in 2016 is as professor of Transformational Design.  With Bert Dirrix, he founded Diederen Dirrix van Wylick Architecten in 1999, which has been called diederendrix architecture & urbanization since 2005.

Ancillary Activities

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