Doctoral Candidate

Philipp Mitterbach


Philipp Mitterbach works as a doctoral candidate in the Dynamics and Control Group within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research is focused on the locomotion of multipedal soft robots.


Philipp Mitterbach received his master`s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart (Germany) where he focused on the research fields Nonlinear Mechanics and System Dynamics. Part of his master`s program Philipp accomplished as an exchange student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. He obtained his master`s degree after completing his master thesis with the subject "B-spline interpolation of spatial Euler-Bernoulli beams" at the Institute for Nonlinear Mechanics. After finishing his master`s degree, Philipp worked for 7 months as Research Associate at University of Technology Braunschweig before he decided to become a doctoral candidate in the Dynamics and Control section of Tu/e.

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