Doctoral Candidate

Pieter Lok

Department / Institute
Mechanical Engineering
Group Steinbuch


Pieter Lok is an Opto-Mechatronics PhD student within the Control Systems Technology group. His subject is about thermo-optical design, analysis, and optimization for advanced wave front control. A challenging engineering problem: light absorption in optical systems causes heating and in turn components deform and their refractive indexes change. The result is optical wavefront aberration and thus performance loss. Finding smart modelling techniques will allow engineers to make informed design choices to counter wavefront errors.


He studied mechanical engineering at TU Delft, where the bachelor’s degree was obtained cum laude. Hereafter, he obtained a master’s degree focusing on precision engineering and mechatronics. His thesis’s subject was about applying fluorescent colour-shifts to image layer heights. Experimental setups and Monte Carlo methods were used, and an analytic solution to the fluorescent radiative transfer equation was found. The obtained knowledge was used to formulate a set of design guidelines for layer-height imaging systems, which find practical application in the inspection of lubrication layers underneath hydrostatic bearings.

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