Rabia Kodapanakkal

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Rabia Kodapanakkal is a postdoctoral researcher in the Human-Technology Interaction research group at the department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. She works in an interdisciplinary project (SRCrowd) which is a collaboration between Psychology, Applied Physics, and Philiosophy disciplines. The goal of this project is to develop socially responsible nudges to optimize crowd flow at Dutch train stations. Within this project, Rabia is specifically interested in applying a psychological approach and understanding human behavior to improve boarding efficiency and safety on the railway platforms.  Rabia is also generally interested in developing persuasive techniques to change attitudes and behavior. She is specifically interested in the development of moralized attitudes, how they influence behavior, and investigating ways to reduce attitude moralization. Her research focuses on attitude moralization and decision-making in the context of big data technologies (such as surveillance technologies and algorithims).


Rabia holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (2012). She obtained her Research Master in Social Psychology from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2017). In 2022, she obtained her PhD from Tilburg University. Her dissertation was titled: "The role of tradeoffs and moralization in the adoption of big data technologies". Since Jan 2022, Rabia works as a postdoctoral researcher at TU/e.

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