Education/Research Officer

Renate Evers

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


Renate Evers is an Education and Research Engineer in the Membrane Materials and Processes group of the TU/e department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. She has a special interest in research and development with regards to sustainable materials science and has experience in performing confidential contract research for industry. Her fields of expertise are: polymer synthesis, characterization and processing, as well as crystallography and advanced characterization techniques (DSC, TGA, NMR, FT-IR, P-XRD, LC, SEC, microscopy, DVS, etc.).


Renate Evers obtained her BSc degree in Applied Science from Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) in 2020. During her studies, she did an internship at Ioniqa Technologies (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) and worked on multiple projects in collaboration with industry. She wrote her graduation thesis on cholesteric liquid crystalline shape-memory polymers at the Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM), a cooperation of Maastricht University with RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer IME. There, she was part of the Polymer Physics and Technology research group, situated at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen (the Netherlands). From 2020 to 2022, she worked at Symeres (Weert, the Netherlands) as a Solid State Chemist, specializing in crystallization studies on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for biotech and pharma companies. As of May 2022, she works as an Education and Research Engineer in the Membrane Materials and Processes group at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

Ancillary Activities

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