Rene Besseling

Research Profile

CURRICULUM VITAE: My background is in Biomedical Engineering (BME) and I graduated on a project about dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound for prostate cancer detection at the department of Electrical Engineering (EE) (both at TU/e, graduation in 2009). Subsequently I did a PhD at the Radiology department of Maastricht UMC and in cooperation with epilepsy centre Kempenhaeghe (defence 2014). I studied brain abnormalities in children with epilepsy and associated learning problems using advanced MRI (function MRI and diffusion weighted imaging). We found several abnormalities in brain connectivity and network topology underlying these learning disorders. Next I took up an assistant lecturer position at the Biomedical NMR group at BME (March 2014), contributed to several courses and projects on medical image acquisition, and obtained my University Teaching Qualification (“BKO”; December 2015). At present, I’m coordinating the NEU3CA brain research program at EE; check out This program focusses on cognitive decline in chronic epilepsy, associated abnormalities in brain networks, and how to counteract this, for example using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) or neurofeedback. The NEU3CA project is a multi-department, multi-center and international research program, involving partners from EE, BME, Mechanical Engineering, epilepsy centre Kempenhaeghe, Ghent University Hospital and Maastricht UMC. Also industrial partners are involved, including Philips. Within the NEU3CA project, we always have interesting internships and student projects available, also in collaboration with our industrial partners. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact me for more details.   Education and Teaching Concerning education, I supervise BSc and MSc projects and give the master elective 5LSI0 Brain MRI.
Furthermore, I coordinate and contribute to the bachelor elective package Neuroengineering; see In the past, I was involved in generic bachelor courses on medical imaging at BME and EE. These included 8DB00 Image Acquisition and Processing; 8NB00 Medical Imaging; 8NC20 Introduction to NMR and MRI; 8VB30 Images and 5XUA0 Medical Image Acquistion (responsible lecturer).

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities