Associate Professor

Rick de Lange

Group / Unit
Energy Technology
Department / Section
Mechanical Engineering
Gemini zuid
Floor / room

Research Profile

Since 2006 associate professor (1992-2006: assistant professor) in the research-group of ''''''''''''''''Energy Technology''''''''''''''''. Main topics of research are boundary layer transition, heat transfer and cooling in gasturbines and the thermodynamics and transient behavior of turbine/compressor systems. From 1998 to 2006 also involved in the development of tar-removal for small-scale biomass gasifiers.1988-1992: PhD at the department of Mechanical Engineering on the "Modeling of premixed laminar flames"1981-1988: Physics at the TU/e, MSc-thesis on the study of droplet evaporation.1975-1981: VWO at the Petrus Hondius Lyceum, Terneuzen.

Educational Activities

  • Detailing, realization and RPC test
  • Ideation and Preliminary Design
  • User testing, evaluation and improvement Detailing, realization and RPC test
  • Honors project
  • Solar heat system
  • Preparation phase graduation project

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities