University Researcher

Sami Ozarik

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Sami Özarık is PhD student in the OPAC group of the department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences at the Eindhoven University of Technlogy since November 2017. He received his BS and MS degrees from Industrial Engineering Department at Middle East Technical University. His master’s research addressed ‘Distribution Based Representative Sets for Multi-objective Integer Programs’.  The underlying problem is to analyze typical distributions of nondominated points for different problems to develop an approach that approximates the nondominated set, categorizes the approximated nondominated set into regions based on their estimated density values and generate distribution-based representative sets. His research interests are mainly focused on Multi-objective Decision Making, Big Data and Logistics. Currently, he is working on ‘Data2Move’ project at Eindhoven University of Technlogy under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tom van Woensel and Dr. Luuk Veelenturf.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities