Associate Professor

Tao Feng


dr. Tao Feng is an associate professor in urban planning and data-driven mobility in the built environment. His research interests include modelling the choice preference of people in urban environment, dynamic models, behaviour change and data-driven technology in transportation. He has been working on various topics linked with travel demand forecasting, traffic network analysis, transport air quality analysis, and choice of housing and work. In contribution to big data and travel surveys, he has developed various algorithms to efficiently transform GPS data into an approximation of activity-travel diaries and generate rich information for geographical analysis. His recent works include also human mobility pattern analysis using big data, application of machine learning algorithms in mobility analysis, emerging mobility alternatives and shared mobility options. He supervises PhDs and master students, works on EU funded projects in smart cities, mobility and energy, and being involved in teaching of master and bachelor courses. He is an associate editor of Asia Transport Studies, co-chair of WTC branch and serves constantly as an ad hoc reviewer for many journals and conferences in transportation, planning, energy and machine learning.


dr. Tao Feng received his PhD in Urban Development (Transportation Planning) from Hiroshima University, Japan, in 2008. Before appointed as an Assistant Professor in 2013, he has been a post-doctoral researcher at TU/e. In 2017, he has been a visiting associate professor in Hiroshima University. He serves as associate editor in journal Asia Transport Studies, associate chair and scientific committee members of several international conferences. Dr. Feng obtained and coordinated several research projects, including DESENT, CHIPS and TERTS from Urban Europe and Interreg, and participated many others at national and international levels. 

  • Mobility and logistics
  • Smart urban environments
  • Big data and experiments for urban analysis /project

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities