Doctoral Candidate

Varun Shah

Group / Department
Mechanics of Materials
Mechanical Engineering

Research Profile

Varun is a PhD candidate in the section Mechanics of Materials at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His PhD research is carried out under the supervision of Hans van Dommelen and Marc Geers and focusses on understanding the degradation mechanisms in the plasma-facing component (PFC) of the future fusion reactors. In his research work, the influence of the synergistic neutron, plasma and heat loads, and the resulting multi-scale defect interaction on the microstructural evolution of the PFC is investigated by developing a numerical model. Complementary to the numerical model, the heat-assisted microstructural evolution of the PFC is experimentally characterized to establish a structure-property relationship.

Academic Background

Varun holds a bachelor's degree in Metallurgical and Materials engineering from India and his bachelor thesis dealt with hot-dip aluminizing of steel for fusion applications. Following his bachelor's, he moved to Germany to pursue his master's in Materials Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt. During his master studies, he worked as an intern at Daimler AG, ArcelorMittal Ghent, and GKN Sinter Metals. For his master thesis, he worked in the Physical Metallurgy group at TU Darmstadt and investigated the influence of temperature on the mechanical and magnetic properties of iron-cobalt alloys. Since 2017, he is working as a PhD candidate on fusion materials.    

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities