Vasilis Soulios

Built Environment


My area of expertise is the renovation of buildings. The focus of my Ph.D. was the renovation of the building envelope. More specifically the optimization of energy renovation through internal insulation by applying hydrophobization on the exterior part of the masonry wall. A sustainable renovation of the building envelope could be the starting point to deal with socioeconomic and environmental challenges such as energy transition and climate adaption of buildings and cities. 

If you want to insulate your building from the interior, first hydrophobize the exterior.


I am a post-doc researcher of building performance in the Building Physics & Services unit at  Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Prior to that, I was working as EU-Project manager in a cluster focusing on the green energy transition, Energy Performance Certificates, and Smart Zero and Positive Energy Buildings. I hold a Ph.D. in Civil engineering from AAU Copenhagen specializing in the hygrothermal performance of internally insulated hydrophobized masonry walls. During 2017-2021, I was part of RIBuild (Horizon 2020),  initially as a research engineer at KU Leuven in Belgium and then as Ph.D. student at AAU Copenhagen with 10 partners from seven European countries. It was about the internal insulation of historic buildings. A major outcome was guidelines for building owners and consultants.  I am proud to be a member of the ''Renovation Explorer'' team that aims to develop a strategic plan for the sustainable renovation of the existing Buildings in the Netherlands, retrofitting them with renewable energy sources.

Ancillary Activities

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