Doctoral Candidate

Vì Kronberg

Mathematics and Computer Science
Computational Illumination Optics


Vì’s background is in (engineering) physics, and they received their MSc diploma from Karlstad University in Sweden early June 2019. Their thesis was concerned with morphology formation as a result of phase separation of ternary mixtures upon evaporation, where a discrete-time Monte Carlo approach was applied to a two-dimensional lattice. They joined TU/e as a PhD student during the middle of September 2019. Their present research concerns freeform geometrical optics with scattering, which is a challenging and novel combination as one of the main approximations of traditional geometrical optics is precisely that the light does not scatter; it exclusively reflects and refracts. This research is part of a more ambitious effort carried out as a collaboration between several institutions and companies focused on furthering the field of non-imaging optics in the context of light homogeneity and isotropy to aid the design of the free-form scattering optical components of the future.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities