Assistant Professor

Xander Seykens

Transport of goods and people with zero environmental impact can be realized by development of high efficient internal combustion engines, running on sustainable fuels combined with high efficient aftertreatment systems.

Group / Unit
Power & Flow
Department / Section
Mechanical Engineering
Gemini zuid
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Research Profile

Xander Seykens is a part-time assistant professor with the research group Multiphase & Reactive Flows at the department of Mechanical Engineering. The group focuses on clean and efficient combustion and process technology, to cater for fast-growing sustainable energy demands. This entails optimizing combustion and aftertreatment devices, in combination with different fuel formulations to minimize undesired emissions and maximize thermal efficiency.  

Academic Background

Xander Seykens studied Mechanical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) where he received his Master’s degree in 2003 with the distinction cum laude. In 2004 he started his PhD research in the Combustion Technology group on 'Development and validation of a phenomenological diesel engine combustion model'. The project was partly sponsored and conducted in close cooperation with TNO Automotive in Helmond. As of January 2009, Xander Seykens is working as a senior research scientist at TNO. In 2016, he was appointed as a part-time assistant professor at TU/e with the research group Multiphase & Reactive Flows (department of Mechanical Engineering).

Educational Activities

  • Preparation phase graduation project
  • Externship Power and Flow (international)
  • Clean Engines and Future Fuels
  • Graduation project Power and Flow
  • Chemically reacting flows

Ancillary Activities

  • Full-time werkzaam bij TNO. Als onderdeel van deze werkzaamheden 1 dag in de week werkzaam als assistant professor aan TUe (onbezol, TNO