Doctoral Candidate

Xiucheng Huang


As part of the Materials Simulation & Modelling group of Sofia Calero, Xiucheng’s work lies in molecular simulation for energy-related applications. His studies focus on making use of computational techniques to develop ultrathin water stable and narrow pore eco-friendly membranes based on robust metal-organic framework (MOF) nanosheets for hydrogen extraction. His goal is to tune MOF-based nanosheets to improve the selective hydrogen transport conferring the membrane breakthrough separation properties. The new membrane architecture envisaged during his project will prolong its influence as platforms for organic solvent nanofiltration and gas separation. These are emerging membrane fields strongly linked to a hydrogen-based economy in the context of climate change remediation, energy crisis, and air pollution.

The ‘paradox’ is only a conflict between reality and your feeling of what reality ‘ought to be’.


Xiucheng Huang obtained his Bachelor's degree in Energy Engineering at the Wuhan University of Technology (China) and Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology at the University of Twente (Netherlands) in 2019. His diploma thesis focused on surface redox reactions on semiconductor particles for water splitting. After graduation, he joined the HyET Hydrogen group as an R&D engineer in Arnhem. He started his PhD in November 2020 with Materials Simulation & Modeling group at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

Ancillary Activities

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