Doctoral Candidate

Yiğitcan Sümbelli

Department / Institute
Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


Yiğit is focused on the manufacturing 3D bioprinted structures that carry artificial cells and natural cells within the same interface. The effect of structural and mechanical properties of produced 3D units on cellular behavior, controlled induction of cellular fate, and induction/inhibition of proliferation are main subjects he is interested in during his doctoral research with a special interest in specific tissue types.


Yiğitcan Sümbelli (Istanbul, 1990) received his MSc in Biochemistry from Anadolu University in 2019. He developed a conductive natural biomaterial ink combination that can be used for 3D bioprinting of neural conduits to help and/or induce neural regeneration. His research was conducted under the supervisions of Prof. Sibel Emir Diltemiz and Prof. Arzu Ersöz. During an internship at Amsterdam UMC in 2018, he studied the effect of decellularized extracellular matrix addition on tissue regeneration with a 3D bioprinter under the supervision of Dr. Dafydd O. Visscher, MD in Prof. Paul van Zuijlen, MD's group. In 2021, he conducted another research stay in Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Germany, and he studied about bottom-up assembly of synthetic cells in Dr. Kerstin Göpfrich's group.
As of February 2022, he joined Prof. Jan van Hest's research group as a PhD candidate. Yiğit's current research is shaped around 3D bioprinting of artificial cells theme.

Ancillary Activities

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