Doctoral Candidate

Yu Gao

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


Yu Gao obtained his bachelor's degree in Energy Chemical Engineering from China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China, in 2018. At the meantime, he was recommended as a master student and supervised by Dr. Xiaochun Zhu in the same university. During the following 3 years, he focused on developing highly-efficient zeolite-based catalysts such as nanosized/hierarchical SSZ-13 zeolites for methanol-to-olefins reaction. In 2021, he obtained his master’s degree. He was then granted the funding from Chinese Scholarship Council and moved to Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands, to perform PhD study. He is currently supervised by Prof. Emiel Hensen and Dr. Nikolay Kosinov.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities