Full professors

Below you find a list of all full professors at the TU/e in alphabetical order.

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Name Section Chair Tel. number Email
Aalst, prof.dr.ir. W.M.P. van der IS-WSK&I +31 40-247 4295 Email to Aalst, prof.dr.ir. W.M.P. van der
Aarts, prof.dr. R.M. SPS Email to Aarts, prof.dr. R.M.
Adan, prof.dr.ir. I.J.B.F. DC Email to Adan, prof.dr.ir. I.J.B.F.
Adan, prof.dr.ir. O.C.G. TPM +31 40-247 3398 Email to Adan, prof.dr.ir. O.C.G.
Aldenkamp, prof.dr. A.P. SPS Email to Aldenkamp, prof.dr. A.P.
Alkemade, prof.dr. F. TIS +31 40-247 7325 Email to Alkemade, prof.dr. F.
Anderson, prof.dr.ir. P.D. POL +31 40-247 4823 Email to Anderson, prof.dr.ir. P.D.
Arends, prof.dr. J.B.A.M. SPS Email to Arends, prof.dr. J.B.A.M.
Arentze, prof.dr. T.A. USRE +31 40-247 2283 Email to Arentze, prof.dr. T.A.
Baaijens, prof.dr.ir. F.P.T. CvB +31 40-247 2240 Email to Baaijens, prof.dr.ir. F.P.T.
Backx, prof.dr.ir. A.C.P.M. CS Email to Backx, prof.dr.ir. A.C.P.M.
Bader, prof.dr. D.L. STB +31 40-247 4063 Email to Bader, prof.dr. D.L.
Baken, prof.dr.ir. N.H.G. ECO +31 6-51428630 Email to Baken, prof.dr.ir. N.H.G.
Bakkers, prof.dr. E.P.A.M. AND +31 40-247 5170 Email to Bakkers, prof.dr. E.P.A.M.
Baltus, prof.dr.ir. P.G.M. IC +31 40-247 3393 Email to Baltus, prof.dr.ir. P.G.M.
Banine, prof.dr. V.Y. EPG Email to Banine, prof.dr. V.Y.
Bansal, prof.dr. N. DM +31 40-247 2299 Email to Bansal, prof.dr. N.
Basten, prof.dr.ir. A.A. ES +31 40-247 5782 Email to Basten, prof.dr.ir. A.A.
Beijaard, prof.dr. D. ESoE Professional Learning +31 40-247 4439 Email to Beijaard, prof.dr. D.
Bekkering, prof.ir. J.D. AUDE +31 40-247 2660 Email to Bekkering, prof.ir. J.D.
Bekkers, prof.dr.ir. R.N.A. TIS +31 40-247 5621 Email to Bekkers, prof.dr.ir. R.N.A.
Belis, prof.dr.ir. J.L.I.F. SD Email to Belis, prof.dr.ir. J.L.I.F.
Benthem, prof.dr. R.A.T.M. van SPC +31 40-247 2029 Email to Benthem, prof.dr. R.A.T.M. van
Bentum, prof.dr.ir. M.J. EM +31 40-247 5432 Email to Bentum, prof.dr.ir. M.J.
Berg, prof.dr. M.T. de A&V +31 40-247 2150 Email to Berg, prof.dr. M.T. de
Bergmans, prof.dr.ir. J.W.M. SPS +31 40-247 4438 Email to Bergmans, prof.dr.ir. J.W.M.
Bergveld, prof.dr.ir. H.J. CS Email to Bergveld, prof.dr.ir. H.J.
Berkel, prof.dr.ir. C.H. van SENS +31 40-247 5282 Email to Berkel, prof.dr.ir. C.H. van
Berlo, prof. A.A.J. van SC Email to Berlo, prof. A.A.J. van
Bernhaupt, prof.dr. R. SC +31 40-247 5496 Email to Bernhaupt, prof.dr. R.
Blocken, prof.dr.ir. B.J.E. BPS +31 40-247 2138 Email to Blocken, prof.dr.ir. B.J.E.
Boer, prof.dr. J. de BSRM Email to Boer, prof.dr. J. de
Boon, prof.dr. P.A.J.M. EM Email to Boon, prof.dr. P.A.J.M.
Borst, prof.dr.ir. S.C. STO +31 40-247 5105 Email to Borst, prof.dr.ir. S.C.
Bouten, prof.dr. C.V.C. CICTR +31 40-247 3006 Email to Bouten, prof.dr. C.V.C.
Boxma, prof.dr.ir. O.J. STO_1 +31 40-247 2858 Email to Boxma, prof.dr.ir. O.J.
Bra, prof.dr. P.M.E. De IS-WSK&I +31 40-247 4476 Email to Bra, prof.dr. P.M.E. De
Brand, prof.dr. M.G.J. van den BESTUUR W&I +31 40-247 2744 Email to Brand, prof.dr. M.G.J. van den
Breems, prof.dr.ir. L.J. IC Email to Breems, prof.dr.ir. L.J.
Breeuwer, prof.dr.ir. M. MIA +31 40-247 5514 Email to Breeuwer, prof.dr.ir. M.
Brocks, prof.dr. G.H.L.A. CCER Email to Brocks, prof.dr. G.H.L.A.
Broer, prof.dr. D.J. SFD +31 40-247 5875 Email to Broer, prof.dr. D.J.
Brombacher, prof.dr.ir. A.C. SC +31 40-247 4522 Email to Brombacher, prof.dr.ir. A.C.
Brouwers, prof.dr.ir. H.J.H. BPS +31 40-247 2930 Email to Brouwers, prof.dr.ir. H.J.H.
Brummelen, prof.dr.ir. E.H. van ET Email to Brummelen, prof.dr.ir. E.H. van
Brunsveld, prof.dr.ir. L. CB +31 40-247 2870 Email to Brunsveld, prof.dr.ir. L.
Bruyninckx, prof.dr. H.P.J. CST Email to Bruyninckx, prof.dr. H.P.J.
Butler, prof.dr.ir. H. CS +31 40-247 3577 Email to Butler, prof.dr.ir. H.
Cantatore, prof.dr.ir. E. IC +31 40-247 3388 Email to Cantatore, prof.dr.ir. E.
Chen, prof.dr. L. FE +31 40-247 8682 Email to Chen, prof.dr. L.
Clercx, prof.dr. H.J.H. WDY +31 40-247 2680 Email to Clercx, prof.dr. H.J.H.
Cobben, prof.dr.ir. J.F.G. EES +31 40-247 4440 Email to Cobben, prof.dr.ir. J.F.G.
Coehoorn, prof.dr. R. M2N +31 40-247 8321 Email to Coehoorn, prof.dr. R.
Colenbrander, prof.dr. B.J.F. AUDE +31 40-247 2194 Email to Colenbrander, prof.dr. B.J.F.
Corporaal, prof.dr. H. ES +31 40-247 5462 Email to Corporaal, prof.dr. H.
Cottaar, prof.dr.ir. E.J.E. SMPE/e +31 40-247 4375 Email to Cottaar, prof.dr.ir. E.J.E.
Creatore, prof.dr. M. PMP +31 40-247 4223 Email to Creatore, prof.dr. M.
Cuypers, prof.dr. F.G.M.T. DM +31 40-247 2965 Email to Cuypers, prof.dr. F.G.M.T.
Daas, prof.dr. P.J.H. STO Email to Daas, prof.dr. P.J.H.
Dam, prof.dr.ir. J.A.M. ET +31 40-247 8438 Email to Dam, prof.dr.ir. J.A.M.
Dankers, prof.dr. P.Y.W. BM +31 40-247 5451 Email to Dankers, prof.dr. P.Y.W.
Darhuber, prof.dr. A.A. WDY +31 40-247 4499 Email to Darhuber, prof.dr. A.A.
Deen, prof.dr.ir. N.G. P&F +31 40-247 3681 Email to Deen, prof.dr.ir. N.G.
Dekker, dr. L.R.C. CVB Email to Dekker, dr. L.R.C.
Demerouti, prof.dr. E. HPM +31 40-247 5669 Email to Demerouti, prof.dr. E.
Diederen, prof.ir. P.J.R. AUDE Email to Diederen, prof.ir. P.J.R.
Doelder, prof.dr.ir. C.F.J. den PDEng SPC +31 40-247 2907 Email to Doelder, prof.dr.ir. C.F.J. den PDEng
Dolmans, prof.dr.ir. G. ES Email to Dolmans, prof.dr.ir. G.
Dongen, prof.dr.ir. B.F. van IS-WSK&I +31 40-247 2181 Email to Dongen, prof.dr.ir. B.F. van
Doris, prof.dr.ir. K. IC Email to Doris, prof.dr.ir. K.
Draisma, prof.dr.ir. J. DM Email to Draisma, prof.dr.ir. J.
Duijn, prof.dr.ir. C.J. van ET +31 40-247 3160 Email to Duijn, prof.dr.ir. C.J. van
Duine, prof.dr. R.A. FNA +31 40-247 4672 Email to Duine, prof.dr. R.A.
Ebert, prof.dr. U.M. EPG Email to Ebert, prof.dr. U.M.
Eggen, prof.dr.ir. J.H. FE User Centered Engineering +31 40-247 5227 Email to Eggen, prof.dr.ir. J.H.
Etalle, prof.dr. S. SENS +31 40-247 5016 Email to Etalle, prof.dr. S.
Feijs, prof.dr.ir. L.M.G. FE Industrial Design of Inbedded Systems +31 40-247 5360 Email to Feijs, prof.dr.ir. L.M.G.
Fiore, prof.dr. A. PSN +31 40-247 2118 Email to Fiore, prof.dr. A.
Flatté, prof.dr. M.E. PSN +31 40-247 2056 Email to Flatté, prof.dr. M.E.
Fledderus, prof.dr.ir. E.R. IC +31 40-247 3462 Email to Fledderus, prof.dr.ir. E.R.
Florack, prof.dr. L.M.J. CASA_1 +31 40-247 5377 Email to Florack, prof.dr. L.M.J.
Fokkink, prof.dr. W.J. CST Email to Fokkink, prof.dr. W.J.
Fransoo, prof.dr.ir. J.C. OPAC +31 40-247 2681 Email to Fransoo, prof.dr.ir. J.C.
Gallucci, prof.dr. F. SIR +31 40-247 3675 Email to Gallucci, prof.dr. F.
Geers, prof.dr.ir. M.G.D. MoM +31 40-247 5076 Email to Geers, prof.dr.ir. M.G.D.
Geld, prof.dr. C.W.M. van der PPD +31 40-247 2923 Email to Geld, prof.dr. C.W.M. van der
Gelinck, prof.dr. G.H. M2N +31 40-247 5439 Email to Gelinck, prof.dr. G.H.
Gerini, prof.dr.ir. G. EM +31 40-247 3324 Email to Gerini, prof.dr.ir. G.
Geurts, prof.dr.ir. B.J. CCER Email to Geurts, prof.dr.ir. B.J.
Gianotten, prof.ir. D. AUDE Email to Gianotten, prof.ir. D.
Goey, prof.dr. L.P.H. de P&F +31 40-247 2140 Email to Goey, prof.dr. L.P.H. de
Golombok, prof.dr. M. P&F +31 40-247 3664 Email to Golombok, prof.dr. M.
Gómez Rivas, prof.dr. J. PSN +31 40-247 2669 Email to Gómez Rivas, prof.dr. J.
Goossens, prof.dr. K.G.W. ES +31 40-247 3404 Email to Goossens, prof.dr. K.G.W.
Grefen, prof.dr.ir. P.W.P.J. IS +31 40-247 5650 Email to Grefen, prof.dr.ir. P.W.P.J.
Groote, prof.dr.ir. J.F. MDSE +31 40-247 5003 Email to Groote, prof.dr.ir. J.F.
Grüll, prof.dr. H. BNMR +31 40-247 5143 Email to Grüll, prof.dr. H.
Haan, prof.dr.ir. G. de ES +31 40-247 5049 Email to Haan, prof.dr.ir. G. de
Heemels, prof.dr.ir. W.P.M.H. CST +31 40-247 3361 Email to Heemels, prof.dr.ir. W.P.M.H.
Heemstra, prof.dr.ir. S.M. ECO +31 40-247 5980 Email to Heemstra, prof.dr.ir. S.M.
Heijst, prof.dr.ir. G.J.F. van WDY +31 40-247 2722 Email to Heijst, prof.dr.ir. G.J.F. van
Hensen, prof.dr.ir. E.J.M. SMK +31 40-247 5178 Email to Hensen, prof.dr.ir. E.J.M.
Hensen, prof.dr.ir. J.L.M. BPS +31 40-247 2988 Email to Hensen, prof.dr.ir. J.L.M.
Hest, prof.dr.ir. J.C.M. van BOC +31 40-247 3515 Email to Hest, prof.dr.ir. J.C.M. van
Heuvel, prof.dr. E.R. van den STO +31 40-247 3856 Email to Heuvel, prof.dr. E.R. van den
Heynderickx, prof.dr. I.E.J. Board IE&IS +31 40-247 4510 Email to Heynderickx, prof.dr. I.E.J.
Hilbers, prof.dr. P.A.J. BBMT +31 40-247 5537 Email to Hilbers, prof.dr. P.A.J.
Hoerstrup, prof.dr. S. STB +31 40-247 2920 Email to Hoerstrup, prof.dr. S.
Hof, prof.dr.ir. P.M.J. Van den CS +31 40-247 3839 Email to Hof, prof.dr.ir. P.M.J. Van den
Hofstad, prof.dr. R.W. van der STO +31 40-247 2910 Email to Hofstad, prof.dr. R.W. van der
Houtum, prof.dr.ir. G.J.J.A.N. van OPAC +31 40-247 5163 Email to Houtum, prof.dr.ir. G.J.J.A.N. van
Huijsmans, prof.dr.ir. G.T.A. Fusion Email to Huijsmans, prof.dr.ir. G.T.A.
Hummels, prof.dr.ir. C.C.M. SC +31 40-247 5924 Email to Hummels, prof.dr.ir. C.C.M.
IJsselsteijn, prof.dr. W.A. HTI +31 40-247 4455 Email to IJsselsteijn, prof.dr. W.A.
IJzerman, prof.dr.ir. W.L. CASA_1 Email to IJzerman, prof.dr.ir. W.L.
Ito, prof.dr. K. OPB +31 40-247 3851 Email to Ito, prof.dr. K.
Janssen, prof.dr.ir. R.A.J. SMO-J +31 40-247 4711 Email to Janssen, prof.dr.ir. R.A.J.
Jeekel, prof.dr. J.F. TIS +31 40-247 5763 Email to Jeekel, prof.dr. J.F.
Jonge, prof.dr. J. de HPM Work Psychology +31 40-247 2243 Email to Jonge, prof.dr. J. de
Jorissen, prof.dr.ir. A.J.M. SD +31 40-247 2990 Email to Jorissen, prof.dr.ir. A.J.M.
Kappers, prof.dr. A.M.L. CST +31 40-247 6182 Email to Kappers, prof.dr. A.M.L.
Kaymak, prof.dr.ir. U. IS +31 40-247 2793 Email to Kaymak, prof.dr.ir. U.
Kessels, prof.dr.ir. W.M.M. PMP +31 40-247 3477 Email to Kessels, prof.dr.ir. W.M.M.
Keurentjes, prof.dr.ir. J.T.F. CRE +31 40-247 4959 Email to Keurentjes, prof.dr.ir. J.T.F.
Koelman, prof.dr.ir. J.M.V.A. CCER Email to Koelman, prof.dr.ir. J.M.V.A.
Koenraad, prof.dr. P.M. PSN +31 40-247 4105 Email to Koenraad, prof.dr. P.M.
Kohlrausch, prof.dr. A.G. HTI +31 40-247 5413 Email to Kohlrausch, prof.dr. A.G.
Kok, dr. J.K. EES Email to Kok, dr. J.K.
Kok, prof.dr. A.G. de OPAC +31 40-247 3849 Email to Kok, prof.dr. A.G. de
Kolb, prof.dr.ing. G.A. SFM +31 40-247 8518 Email to Kolb, prof.dr.ing. G.A.
Koonen, prof.ir. A.M.J. Bestuur EE +31 40-247 4806 Email to Koonen, prof.ir. A.M.J.
Koopmans, prof.dr. B. FNA +31 40-247 4855 Email to Koopmans, prof.dr. B.
Koren, prof.dr.ir. B. CASA_1 +31 40-247 2080 Email to Koren, prof.dr.ir. B.
Korsten, prof.dr. H. SPS Email to Korsten, prof.dr. H.
Kort, prof.dr. H.S.M. BPS +31 40-247 4236 Email to Kort, prof.dr. H.S.M.
Kort, prof.dr.ir. Y.A.W. de HTI +31 40-247 5754 Email to Kort, prof.dr.ir. Y.A.W. de
Kroesen, prof.dr.ir. G.M.W. Board TN +31 40-247 4357 Email to Kroesen, prof.dr.ir. G.M.W.
Kroon, prof.dr.ir. M.C. spi Email to Kroon, prof.dr.ir. M.C.
Kuerten, prof.dr. J.G.M. P&F +31 40-247 2362 Email to Kuerten, prof.dr. J.G.M.
Kuipers, prof.dr.ir. J.A.M. smm +31 40-247 4158 Email to Kuipers, prof.dr.ir. J.A.M.
Laan, dr. S.R. van der BPS Email to Laan, dr. S.R. van der
Lange, prof.dr. T. DM +31 40-247 4764 Email to Lange, prof.dr. T.
Langerak, prof.dr. F. ITEM +31 40-247 3680 Email to Langerak, prof.dr. F.
Leenaerts, prof.dr.ir. D.M.W. IC +31 40-247 3627 Email to Leenaerts, prof.dr.ir. D.M.W.
Leeuwaarden, prof.dr. J.S.H. van STO +31 40-247 2813 Email to Leeuwaarden, prof.dr. J.S.H. van
Leeuwen, prof.dr. K.A.H. van ESoE Email to Leeuwen, prof.dr. K.A.H. van
Lemmens, prof.dr.ir. A.M.C. BC +31 40-247 4694 Email to Lemmens, prof.dr.ir. A.M.C.
Lenstra, prof.dr. D. PHI +31 40-247 4547 Email to Lenstra, prof.dr. D.
Liere, prof.dr.ir. R. van A&V Email to Liere, prof.dr.ir. R. van
Linnartz, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M.G. SPS Email to Linnartz, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M.G.
Liotta, prof.dr. A. ECO Email to Liotta, prof.dr. A.
Litvak, dr. N.V. STO Email to Litvak, dr. N.V.
Loenen, prof.dr.ir. E.J. van BPS +31 40-247 4236 Email to Loenen, prof.dr.ir. E.J. van
Lomonova, prof.dr. E. EPE +31 40-247 3573 Email to Lomonova, prof.dr. E.
Lopes Cardozo, prof.dr. N.J. Fusion +31 40-247 5008 Email to Lopes Cardozo, prof.dr. N.J.
Lopez Arteaga, prof.dr.ir. I. DC +31 40-247 2611 Email to Lopez Arteaga, prof.dr.ir. I.
Luiten, prof.dr.ir. O.J. CQT +31 40-247 4359 Email to Luiten, prof.dr.ir. O.J.
Lukkien, prof.dr. J.J. SENS +31 40-247 5147 Email to Lukkien, prof.dr. J.J.
Maljaars, prof.dr.ir. J. SD +31 40-247 2162 Email to Maljaars, prof.dr.ir. J.
Markopoulos, prof.dr. P. FE +31 40-247 5247 Email to Markopoulos, prof.dr. P.
Martens, prof.dr.ir. J.B.O.S. SC Visual Interaction Email to Martens, prof.dr.ir. J.B.O.S.
Marti, prof.dr. P. SC Email to Marti, prof.dr. P.
Matters - Kammerer, prof.dr. M. IC +31 40-247 2666 Email to Matters - Kammerer, prof.dr. M.
Meijer, prof.dr. E.W. OC +31 40-247 3101 Email to Meijer, prof.dr. E.W.
Meijers, prof.dr.ir. A.W.M. Phil&Ethics +31 40-247 2026 Email to Meijers, prof.dr.ir. A.W.M.
Merkx, prof.dr. M. CB +31 40-247 4728 Email to Merkx, prof.dr. M.
Meuldijk, prof.dr. J. spr +31 40-247 2328 Email to Meuldijk, prof.dr. J.
Michiels, prof.dr.ir. W.P.A.J. SENS Email to Michiels, prof.dr.ir. W.P.A.J.
Mischi, prof.dr.ir. M. SPS +31 40-247 3821 Email to Mischi, prof.dr.ir. M.
Mohammadi, prof.dr.ir. M. AUDE +31 40-247 3114 Email to Mohammadi, prof.dr.ir. M.
Mulder, prof.dr. W.J.M. PM +31 40-247 6231 Email to Mulder, prof.dr. W.J.M.
Nelissen, prof.ir. E.S.M. DO +31 40-247 3189 Email to Nelissen, prof.ir. E.S.M.
Nijmeijer, prof.dr. H. DC +31 40-247 3203 Email to Nijmeijer, prof.dr. H.
Nijmeijer, prof.dr.ir. D.C. SMP +31 40-247 2871 Email to Nijmeijer, prof.dr.ir. D.C.
Nijssen, prof.dr. E.J. ITEM +31 40-247 2368 Email to Nijssen, prof.dr. E.J.
Oei, prof.dr. S.G. SPS Email to Oei, prof.dr. S.G.
Oldenziel, prof.dr. R. TIS +31 40-247 8949 Email to Oldenziel, prof.dr. R.
Oomens, prof.dr.ir. C.W.J. BST +31 40-247 2818 Email to Oomens, prof.dr.ir. C.W.J.
Overeem, prof.dr. S. FE +31 40-247 7315 Email to Overeem, prof.dr. S.
Pechenizkiy, prof.dr. M. IS-WSK&I +31 40-247 4977 Email to Pechenizkiy, prof.dr. M.
Peeters, prof.dr. M.C.W. HPM Email to Peeters, prof.dr. M.C.W.
Peletier, prof.dr. M.A. CASA_1 +31 40-247 2628 Email to Peletier, prof.dr. M.A.
Pemen, prof.dr.ing. A.J.M. EES +31 40-247 4492 Email to Pemen, prof.dr.ing. A.J.M.
Pepin, prof.dr. B.E.U. ESoE +31 40-247 7301 Email to Pepin, prof.dr. B.E.U.
Peters, prof.dr.ir. G.W.M. POL +31 40-247 4840 Email to Peters, prof.dr.ir. G.W.M.
Petkovic, prof.dr. M. SENS +31 40-247 4797 Email to Petkovic, prof.dr. M.
Pijls, prof.dr. N.H.J. CVB +31 40-247 4063 Email to Pijls, prof.dr. N.H.J.
Pineda de Gyvez, prof.dr. J. ES +31 40-247 4247 Email to Pineda de Gyvez, prof.dr. J.
Pluim, prof.dr. J.P.W. MIA +31 40-247 8853 Email to Pluim, prof.dr. J.P.W.
Prins, prof.dr.ir. M.W.J. MBx +31 40-247 4018 Email to Prins, prof.dr.ir. M.W.J.
Rapp, prof.Dipl.-Ing. C. AUDE +31 40-247 3308 Email to Rapp, prof.Dipl.-Ing. C.
Rasouli, prof.dr. S. USRE +31 40-247 4527 Email to Rasouli, prof.dr. S.
Rauterberg, prof.dr. G.W.M. BBF ID Human Communication Technology +31 40-247 5215 Email to Rauterberg, prof.dr. G.W.M.
Reijers, prof.dr.ir. H.A. IS-WSK&I +31 40-247 3629 Email to Reijers, prof.dr.ir. H.A.
Reinders, prof.dr. A.H.M.E. ET Email to Reinders, prof.dr. A.H.M.E.
Reymen, prof.dr.ir. I.M.M.J. ITEM +31 40-247 4283 Email to Reymen, prof.dr.ir. I.M.M.J.
Roekaerts, prof.dr. D.J.E.M. P&F Email to Roekaerts, prof.dr. D.J.E.M.
Romme, prof.dr. A.G.L. ITEM Entrepreneurship & Innovation +31 40-247 2014 Email to Romme, prof.dr. A.G.L.
Rooij, prof.dr.ir. G.J. van EPG Email to Rooij, prof.dr.ir. G.J. van
Rosemann, prof.Dr.-Ing. A.L.P. BPS +31 40-247 8578 Email to Rosemann, prof.Dr.-Ing. A.L.P.
Salet, prof.dr.ir. T.A.M. SD +31 40-247 5099 Email to Salet, prof.dr.ir. T.A.M.
Sambeek, prof.dr. M.R.H.M. van CVB Email to Sambeek, prof.dr. M.R.H.M. van
Sanden, prof.dr.ir. M.C.M. van de PMP +31 40-3334914 Email to Sanden, prof.dr.ir. M.C.M. van de
Scharnhorst, prof.dr. V. CB +31 40-247 3584 Email to Scharnhorst, prof.dr. V.
Schenning, prof.dr. A.P.H.J. SFD +31 40-247 3264 Email to Schenning, prof.dr. A.P.H.J.
Schilders, prof.dr. W.H.A. CASA_1 +31 40-247 5518 Email to Schilders, prof.dr. W.H.A.
Schoot, prof.dr.ir. P.P.A.M. van der TPS +31 40-247 4347 Email to Schoot, prof.dr.ir. P.P.A.M. van der
Schouten, prof.dr. B.A.M. BA SC +31 40-247 8146 Email to Schouten, prof.dr. B.A.M. BA
Schouten, prof.dr.ir. J.C. CRE +31 40-247 3088 Email to Schouten, prof.dr.ir. J.C.
Sijbesma, prof.dr. R.P. SMO-S +31 40-247 3111 Email to Sijbesma, prof.dr. R.P.
Sint Annaland, prof.dr.ir. M. van spi +31 40-247 2241 Email to Sint Annaland, prof.dr.ir. M. van
Slootweg, prof.dr.ir. J.G. EES +31 40-247 3898 Email to Slootweg, prof.dr.ir. J.G.
Slot, prof.dr. J.J.M. CASA_1 +31 40-247 4381 Email to Slot, prof.dr. J.J.M.
Smeulders, prof.dr.ir. D.M.J. ET +31 40-247 3167 Email to Smeulders, prof.dr.ir. D.M.J.
Smits, prof.dr. J.P.H. TIS Email to Smits, prof.dr. J.P.H.
Smits, prof.mr.dr. J.M. TIS +31 40-247 4165 Email to Smits, prof.mr.dr. J.M.
Smolders, prof.dr.ir. A.B. Bestuur EE +31 40-247 4807 Email to Smolders, prof.dr.ir. A.B.
Snijder, prof.ir. H.H. SD +31 40-247 2153 Email to Snijder, prof.ir. H.H.
Snijders, prof.dr. C.C.P. HTI +31 40-247 5596 Email to Snijders, prof.dr. C.C.P.
Sommerdijk, prof.dr. N.A.J.M. SMG +31 40-247 5870 Email to Sommerdijk, prof.dr. N.A.J.M.
Speckmann, prof.dr. B. A&V +31 40-247 3076 Email to Speckmann, prof.dr. B.
Spieksma, prof.dr. F.C.R. DM +31 40-247 5694 Email to Spieksma, prof.dr. F.C.R.
Steennis, prof.dr.ir. E.F. EES +31 40-247 3893 Email to Steennis, prof.dr.ir. E.F.
Steinbuch, prof.dr.ir. M. CST +31 40-247 5444 Email to Steinbuch, prof.dr.ir. M.
Storm, prof.dr. C. TPS +31 40-247 4117 Email to Storm, prof.dr. C.
Strijkers, prof.dr.ir. G.J. BNMR +31 40-247 3727 Email to Strijkers, prof.dr.ir. G.J.
Suiker, prof.dr.ir. A.S.J. SD +31 40-247 5098 Email to Suiker, prof.dr.ir. A.S.J.
Swagten, prof.dr.ir. H.J.M. FNA Email to Swagten, prof.dr.ir. H.J.M.
Tafur Monroy, prof.dr.ir. I. ECO Email to Tafur Monroy, prof.dr.ir. I.
Teuffel, prof.Dr.-Ing. P.M. SD +31 40-247 2679 Email to Teuffel, prof.Dr.-Ing. P.M.
Toonder, prof.dr.ir. J.M.J. den MS +31 40-247 2987 Email to Toonder, prof.dr.ir. J.M.J. den
Toschi, prof.dr. F. WDY +31 40-247 3911 Email to Toschi, prof.dr. F.
Tuinier, prof.dr.ir. R. SPC +31 40-247 7345 Email to Tuinier, prof.dr.ir. R.
Veenstra, prof.dr. A.W. OPAC Email to Veenstra, prof.dr. A.W.
Verbong, prof.dr.ir. G.P.J. TIS +31 40-247 2698 Email to Verbong, prof.dr.ir. G.P.J.
Verhagen, prof.dr. E. PSN +31 40-247 2146 Email to Verhagen, prof.dr. E.
Vermeulen, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M.B. CST +31 40-247 3234 Email to Vermeulen, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M.B.
Vermunt, prof.dr. J.D.H.M. ESoE +31 40-247 6197 Email to Vermunt, prof.dr. J.D.H.M.
Vinju, prof.dr. J.J. MDSE +31 40-247 2904 Email to Vinju, prof.dr. J.J.
Visser, prof.dr.ir. H.J. EM Email to Visser, prof.dr.ir. H.J.
Vleuten, prof.dr.ir. E.B.A. van der TIS +31 40-247 4544 Email to Vleuten, prof.dr.ir. E.B.A. van der
Vlieg, prof.dr. J. de BESTUUR W&I +31 40-247 2219 Email to Vlieg, prof.dr. J. de
Voeten, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M. ES +31 40-247 3304 Email to Voeten, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M.
Voets, prof.dr.ir. I.K. SSM +31 40-247 5303 Email to Voets, prof.dr.ir. I.K.
Vos, prof.dr. S.B. SC Email to Vos, prof.dr. S.B.
Vosse, prof.dr.ir. F.N. van de CVB +31 40-247 4218 Email to Vosse, prof.dr.ir. F.N. van de
Vreman, prof.dr.ir. A.W. P&F Email to Vreman, prof.dr.ir. A.W.
Vries, prof.dr.ir. A. de SPS +31 40-247 3287 Email to Vries, prof.dr.ir. A. de
Vries, prof.dr.ir. B. de USRE +31 40-247 2388 Email to Vries, prof.dr.ir. B. de
Wakkary, prof.dr. R.L. FE +31 40-247 5931 Email to Wakkary, prof.dr. R.L.
Wale, prof.dr. M.J. PHI +31 40-247 5127 Email to Wale, prof.dr. M.J.
Weber, prof.dr. T. SMK +31 40-247 8174 Email to Weber, prof.dr. T.
Weggeman, prof.dr.ir. M.C.D.P. ITEM Email to Weggeman, prof.dr.ir. M.C.D.P.
Weiland, prof.dr. S. CS +31 40-247 5979 Email to Weiland, prof.dr. S.
Wensveen, prof.dr.ir. S.A.G. FE +31 40-247 5931 Email to Wensveen, prof.dr.ir. S.A.G.
Wesemael, prof.dr.ir. P.J.V. van AUDE +31 40-247 2073 Email to Wesemael, prof.dr.ir. P.J.V. van
Westerink, prof.dr. J.H.D.M. HTI +31 40-247 8559 Email to Westerink, prof.dr. J.H.D.M.
Wielen, prof.dr.ir. P.C.J.M. van der EES Email to Wielen, prof.dr.ir. P.C.J.M. van der
Wijk, prof.dr.ir. J.J. van A&V +31 40-247 4579 Email to Wijk, prof.dr.ir. J.J. van
Wijkstra, prof.dr.ir. H. SPS Email to Wijkstra, prof.dr.ir. H.
Wijnands, prof.ir. C.G.E. EPE +31 40-247 5358 Email to Wijnands, prof.ir. C.G.E.
Wijshoff, prof.dr.ir. H.M.A. ET +31 40-247 2719 Email to Wijshoff, prof.dr.ir. H.M.A.
Wijte, prof.ir. S.N.M. SD +31 40-247 4890 Email to Wijte, prof.ir. S.N.M.
Willems, prof.dr.ir. F.M.J. SPS +31 40-247 3539 Email to Willems, prof.dr.ir. F.M.J.
Willems, prof.dr.ir. F.P.T. CST +31 40-247 3535 Email to Willems, prof.dr.ir. F.P.T.
Williams, prof.dr. K.A. PHI +31 40-247 3441 Email to Williams, prof.dr. K.A.
With, prof.dr.ir. P.H.N. de VCA +31 40-247 2540 Email to With, prof.dr.ir. P.H.N. de
Woensel, prof.dr. T. van OPAC +31 40-247 5017 Email to Woensel, prof.dr. T. van
Wörtche, dr. H.J. IC +31 40-247 7369 Email to Wörtche, dr. H.J.
Wouw, prof.dr.ir. N. van de DC +31 40-247 3358 Email to Wouw, prof.dr.ir. N. van de
Zegelaar, prof.dr.ir. P.W.A. DC +31 40-247 8390 Email to Zegelaar, prof.dr.ir. P.W.A.
Zeiler, prof.ir. W. BPS +31 40-247 3714 Email to Zeiler, prof.ir. W.
Zondag, prof.dr. H.A. ET +31 40-247 2719 Email to Zondag, prof.dr. H.A.
Zwart, prof.dr. A.P. STO +31 40-247 7391 Email to Zwart, prof.dr. A.P.
Zwart, prof.dr. H.J. DC +31 40-247 8390 Email to Zwart, prof.dr. H.J.
Zwart, prof.dr. W.T. CB Email to Zwart, prof.dr. W.T.

Total persons: 276