Eindhoven Energy Institute

TU/e has three Strategic Areas: Energy, Health en Smart Mobility. The Eindhoven Energy Institute (EEI), founded in 2010, supports the Strategic Area Energy. EEI is the successor of the TDO center (Technology for Sustainable Development). Since 1994, TDO has offered students the opportunity to integrate sustainable development in the educational programs of the students (TDO-certificate).

The task of EEI is to support the Strategic Area Energy in all activities with regard to education, research and innovation. The EEI coördinates the energy related educational courses and projects of TU/e. EEI organizes projects for students participating in the honors program, energy projects for the USE educational programs and the education for the KIC InnoEnergy MSc programs.

In research EEI coordinates the four main research themes in the energy domain. EEI also takes care of the communication and diffusion of knowledge on energy issues by organizing lectures (EnergyDays), special energy events, the publication of newsletters and other media activities. EEI is also involved in innovation projects, including the Smart Energy Regions-Brabant project, subsidized by the province of North Brabant. This project aims at stimulating the cooperation between industry and research institutes by offering vouchers and by the creation of a test infrastructure for the development of products and services by companies.