EnergyDays: Series 3 (2013 – 2015)

A new series of EnergyDays will be held as of September 2013, each one focusing on a specific aspect of the present energy and climate discussion. Each day several experts will introduce and discuss in depth the subject of the day. It is the intention to explain in detail the various aspects, facts and the different views on the matter at hand.

Series 2013 - 2015:

Next EnegyDays 01 October 2015

Students (PhD, MSc or BSc), staff and all others who wish to participate are welcome. All participants are requested to register online. Admission will be granted on first come, first serve basis. Participation is free.

All classes will be held in English.

The organizing Committee
David Smeulders (chair)
Geert Verbong
Daan Schram (PMP)
Erik Langereis (FOM Institute Differ)
Elle Abzach (EEI)
Team Energy

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