Day 3: The impact of renewables on the electricity system

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The issue of 'The impact of renewables on the electricity system' will be presented and discussed.

European countries and the EU have been aiming to green our electricity system. Due to a variety of policies, the installed capacity in wind and solar has increased substantially in the last few years, in particular in Germany. This poses several challenges for the existing electricity networks and markets. Overproduction of electricity on specific moments has put the traditional power plants under pressure. On certain sunny and windy days, electricity even can get a negative price. Due to the many inter-linkages between the electricity networks in Europe, the impact of this is not limited to Germany, but can be felt all over Europe. The question is how to deal with these developments. This is the topic of the 3rd EnergyDays of the 2013-2015 series. One speaker will highlight the option to rely more on local micro-grids, reducing the dependency on the large networks. Another speaker will look at the robustness of the current European grid: what is the potential of the European networks to balance large scale fluctuations in supply. Finally, the last speaker will look at the on-going research on smart distribution grids to deal with these problems. The general discussion will focus on the feasibility and the societal consequences of the proposed solutions.        

13h15Welcome with coffee/tea

Rick Harwig, chair of the day - Strategic Area Energy, TU/e


Per Lund - Development Department,
EcoGrid EU: From design to implementation – a large scale demonstration of a real-time marketplace for distributed energy resources


Wil Kling - Electrical Energy Systems, TU/e
TU/e research on integration of renewable sources


Frank Nobel - System Operations Concepts, TenneT TSO BV NL
Sustainable market model?


17h00Closure by chair
17h05Open café

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Photo Impression
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