Day 4: Energy & carbon emissions

Technologic and economic measures to mitigate emissions

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The issue of 'Energy & carbon emissions - Technologic and economic measures to mitigate emissions' will be presented and discussed.

The energy infrastructure of today predominantly relies on the use of fossil fuels; the associated carbon dioxide emission has a serious and world-wide impact on climate. Several approaches have been suggested to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society, among others  carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, and new CO2  re-utilization (CCU) processes to make  carbon-containing fuels in a cyclic way.

In the CCS approach the focus lies on development of novel combustion technologies to reduce emissions in combination with cost-effective means to capture CO2. The CCU approach opts for so-called CO2-neutral fuels, i.e. carbon-containing fuels which are synthesized from combustion products. The energy required to reverse the combustion reactions has to come from sustainable energy sources, which in effect makes CCU a means to store sustainable energy in chemical bonds.

The day will start with the view of former Shell CEO Jeroen van de Veer on challenges and potentials in energy and climate. Then experts will discuss the status and technology challenges for the CCS and CCU routes, where also scalability is an essential factor. Also economic mechanisms are discussed as they are important to mature novel technology. One question concerns the impact of the emission trading system (ETS) on the transition to a sustainable society. Also the necessity to reduce CO2 emissions will be discussed.

10h30Reception with coffee/tea


Welcome & Introduction morning session

Hans van Duijn - Rector Magnificus TU/e
11h10Energy, climate and long term strategies
Jeroen van der Veer- Former CEO Royal Shell, Rotterdam Climate Initiative, Platform Bèta Techniek, Supervisory Council TU Delft
11h45Discussion with audience
13h30Introduction afternoon session
Geert Verbong - TU/e
13h45Carbon Dioxide Capture & Utilization in the Green Economy
Peter Styring - University of Sheffield
14h30Economic factors of the energy transition
Sjak Smulders - University of Tilburg



Assessment of Climate-Change Risks by the IPCC - The necessity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
Arthur Petersen - VU University Amsterdam
16h30General discussion with audience
17h00Closure by chair
17h05Open café

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