Speaker Bokhoven - EnergyDays - 2 October 2014

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Teun Bokhoven



The energy challenges cities are facing

Our energy system is going through a rapid change. Over a period of 2-3 decades the built environment in cities will have to go through a very serious adjustment. Declining availability of natural gas, in combination with rapid deployment of micro renewable energy systems, create a new challenge to keep our energy system stable and provide for reliable heating alternatives for our homes and businesses. Solutions are developed. These need to encompass both technical as well as social behavioural aspects. It can be done, but this requires an understanding of the need for these changes and developments. New inspiring initiatives, like the “Stroomversnelling” as well as the geo-political developments spark the interest for this issue. R&DD supported by TKI-EnerGO will contribute to solutions for the energy challenges our cities are facing.

Based on an engineering as well as business education Teun Bokhoven started his career as entrepreneur. He established and worked in companies in the field of construction and renewable energy. Initially as owner/director of his own companies; in a later stage also as an executive in larger (international) corporations and senior advisor for the UNDP, Utility companies, Ministries and technological institutes.
Currently he is leading the Stichting TKI-EnerGO (Public/Private Partnership).The TKI-EnerGO objective is to guide and manage the innovation process for energy reduction (savings and renewable energy generation) in the built environment and channel the governments funding for this aim.
Furthermore Teun Bokhoven is president of the Duurzame Energie Koepel, the umbrella organisation for the expanding Dutch renewable energy sector, representing more than 1000 companies. In that role he was one of the “founding fathers” of the Dutch Energy Agreement (Energie-akkoord) which aims at a boost for energy saving and rapid deployment of renewable energy the Netherlands.

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