Speaker Somers - EnergyDays - 4 December 2014

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dr.ir. L.M.T. (Bart) Somers

CombustionTechnology/Internal Combustion Engines, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TU/e

Energy Efficiency in transport; “Is gasoline the best diesel fuel?”

The transport sector is roughly responsible one third of our primary energy use. Electrification of transport will continue but it is obvious that freight transport will be dominated by the internal combustion engine fueled with liquids. For a sustainable future, or rather to meet  the 450ppm or 2DS scenario, a drastic decrease in CO2 intensity of the transport sector is demanded. Part of this can be reached by ‘better’ fuels and new combustion strategies. After a short history on how fuels and engines met and an introduction to current technology,  new promising developments will be highlighted and challenges and opportunities discussed.

After obtaining his MSc at Physics, Bart got his PhD at Mechanical Engineering in combustion science. Soon after that he became assistant professor at the combustion technology group of prof.dr.ir. L.P.H. de Goey and  is now responsible for the engine research. His interest is broad ranging from the development of advanced  computational methods for engine combustion, to concept studies on research engines.

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