Speaker Worrell - EnergyDays - 4 December 2014

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prof.dr. E. (Ernst) Worrell


Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development - Utrecht University

Materials Matter: Connecting Energy and Material Efficiency


Industry consumes 27% of global energy use, and emits over 30% of the global GHG emissions. Over 70% of this is for the production of materials. In the next decades energy efficiency improvement is the key response strategy to climate change, while it also improves the competitiveness of the industry, improves air quality, as well as reduces the reliance on imported energy. Yet, energy intensive material industries have also done a lot to reduce energy use already. This makes a strategy combining the efficient use of energy and materials produced by these industries the most cost-effective strategy for industry. Material efficiency can be achieved through more efficient design of products, re-use of products, and recycling. Material efficiency also addresses potential scarcity of raw materials and reduces vulnerability for geo-politics. The presentation will address the need for combining energy and material efficiency in designing strategies within a climate constrained world.  

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