Ellen van der Werff - EnergyDays - 3 December 2015

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dr. E. (Ellen) van der Werff

University of Groningen

The psychology of saving energy

Saving energy may be effortful or costly. For example, lowering the heater may reduce comfort and installing solar panels may be costly and effortful. However, despite this, several people do save energy. What motivates these people to reduce their energy consumption? In this presentation I will discuss psychological factors that influence energy consumption. More specifically, I will address the role of intrinsic motivation to save energy and how intrinsic motivation may promote a range of energy saving actions in the long run.

Ellen van der Werff is an assistant professor at the University of Groningen. She is part of the environmental psychology group. Her research focuses on factors influencing environmental behaviour and strategies to promote pro-environmental actions. Her main research interests are environmental self-identity, values and incentives to promote behavioural change. She enjoys collaborating with researchers from other disciplines and applying her research to real life problems.

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