Day 7: Geothermal energy

23 March 2017

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The topic 'Geothermal energy: contribution to the energy transition and technical challenges' was presented.


Geothermal energy is available 24/7 and can thus potentially complement the intermittent renewables solar and wind energy that come with strong diurnal and seasonal variations. This EnergyDay will focus on the future potential contribution and role of geothermal energy in the Netherlands and abroad, and discuss the technical challenges that we need to address to tap into this underground heat source.

13h15Reception with coffee/tea


David Smeulders - TUe, Energy Technology

Chair of the day

Welcome & Introduction


Brice Lecampion - EPFL, Geo-Energy Lab – Gaznat Chair on Geo-Energy

Geothermal for Electricity Production: dreams & realities

Lydia Dijkshoorn -, Energy Strategy and Transition

Heat transition within the Netherlands
15h45Martijn van Aarssen - IF Technology, Energy & Policy Department
Heat from under our feet - Geothermal energy in the Netherlands
16h25General discussion with audience
16h55Closure by chair
17h00Open café

Photo Impression

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