Speaker Dijkshoorn - EnergyDays - 23 March 2017

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L. (Lydia) Dijkshoorn MSc

RVO.nl (The Enterprise Agency, The Ministery of Economic Affairs) - Energy Strategy and Transition

Heat transition within the Netherlands

Heat transition towards a circular, climate-neutral economy, is it possible? Present policy: The energy agreement and the energy agenda. Present puzzle pieces: What could be the impact based on present initiatives, developments, trends, existing infrastructures and spatial planning? Are there general principles? Are there mutually reinforcing activities; environmental or socio-economic? Who is involved and who is responsible?

Lydia Dijkshoorn studied Geophysics at University of Utrecht. Started her work for 7 years as oil&gas&hydrogeology advisor and application manager at the geologic survey of the Netherlands (TNO.nl), where she worked on seismic interpretation for gas exploration projects, did seismic tomography research and modelled radioactive waste storage and deep water flows. Then she became for 5 years senior advisor/ manager department energy and environment at engineering office in Belgium, where she worked on large projects in the fields of remediation, sustainable energy, energy efficiency and land-use change. She changed her job to do research at the Eon energy research centre of the RWTH-Aachen university, Germany on geothermal energy and climatic changed inferred from borehole temperatures for 4 years. At present she works for 10 years as a strategic expert on energy transition at RVO.nl as part of the ministry of economic affairs of the Netherlands, additionally she coordinates and analyses data on sustainable energy potentials, energy efficiency and energy demands/usage.

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