Speaker Van Aarssen - EnergyDays - 23 March 2017

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ir. M.M. (Martijn) van Aarssen MBA

IF Technology - Director Energy & Policy Department

Heat from under our feet - Geothermal energy in the Netherlands

Geothermal energy is the fourth renewable energy source next to wind, solar and biomass. It is omnipresent under our feet. In the Netherlands there are over 2,500 shallow and 14 deep geothermal energy projects. The contribution of geothermal in the forecast of the energy-mix is substantial. The technical potential of the heat under our feet is enormous. The number of projects will have to increase rapidly in order to reach the goals of COP21 in Paris. How can we develop this renewable energy source? How shallow, deep or ultra-deep do we have to look for the geothermal energy? What are the main drivers in the application of geothermal energy? The technical, legal and financial aspects are challenging. What are the hurdles to overcome? And what realistic contribution can geothermal energy have in the energy supply in the future?

Martijn studied Applied Physics at University of Technology in Delft with a specialization in Fluid Dynamincs. After his study he started at IF Technology in 1998 as an energy consultant. Nowadays he is senior consultant and director of IF Technology. Martijn is involved in the business development for implementation of systems for sustainable heating and cooling. Geothermal Energy (shallow and deep) plays a prominent role alongside other sustainable technologies, such as surface water energy, solar thermal systems and district heating and cooling. Martijn initiates new innovative concept developments and is manager of renewable energy projects. Every day he is working on new product-market combinations. In the Netherlands as well as abroad in countries like UK, Denmark, USA, Belgium, Kenia, China, Indonesia. He focuses in particular on markets such as government, housing, industry and horticulture.

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